Work Process


Finish everything of your case within a day
with ZENITH 3D printing system.

  1. 01

    Clinical diagnostics and
    treatment acceptance
    Examine & diagnose your patient and get treatment acceptance from your patient before making further investments
  2. 02

    CT & Scanning
    Make a (CB)CT scan and digitize patient’s information by oral scanner or model scanner.
  3. 03

    3D diagnostics and treatment planning
    Avoid surprises during the treatment process through careful diagnosis and treatment planning with the open software.
    DENTIS would provide you proper education.
  4. 04

    Making surgical guide
    Extract the data after planning and make surgical guide by ZENITH 3D printer.
    You can easily, quickly and economically make surgical guide by yourself in your clinic
  5. 05

    Guide surgery
    Go for fully guided drilling and implant insertion using a customized surgical template based on your treatment plan.

    Universal Surgical Guide Kit!

    DENTIS Simple Guide Kit can be used with other implant system.